Links to guitars, amps, and other gear that I buy, use, endorse…and that I also think are great!

Weber handmade Speakers. Great speakers (and more!) by a real home grown, family owned American company. I've used the excellent 12" Weber Blue Dogs (both ceramic and alnico) for years, as well as the "Jensen style" alnico's. They also make amp kits, cabinets, and various electronic gadgets...I have the Z matcher and Bias Rite. Very useful tools that are built like tanks!  

British Audio Engineering Mark Loughman  at BAE makes amazing Neve and API vintage style Microphone preamps! I've got the 1066D and it's great on guitars and bass. 

Thorn Custom Electric Guitars. A true craftsman, making custom guitars that are works of art!

Germino Amplification Hand-built amps by true gentleman and serious amp guru, Greg Germino. Been using these for years in the studio and on stage! 

Lollar Pickups. I first became aware of Lollar pickups because they came standard in all my Nash guitars. Now I'm dropping them in every guitar I own! Jason Lollar has perfected the art of making toneful pickups. 

Nash Electric Guitars. Fantastic "vintage" sounding instruments with that worn in look and feel. I have 2 Nash strats and a Tele that I use live with Rod Stewart. Also have a Nash P-Bass that is superb! 

Strymon Pedals Genius delay and chorus pedals. 

Radial/Tonebone  Massive array of audio products that are well designed and built like tanks! I use the JX62 to manage my live rig along with the Headbone amp switcher. Also using the Reamp JCR in the studio.

Merida Acoustic guitars. Great acoustic and nylon string guitars!